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May 08, 2018
   For those of you who are New to the Bitcoin World, I have a great program that is free of charge, will not cost you a thing and all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter. You will get step by step information on how to set up and run in auto mode and really easy to do and you can do it with only using CryptoTab and Coinbase, or you can also use it with other free programs I have to offer as well.
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April 23, 2018
   Coinbase is something you will want if your going to work with bitcoins, some people use Blockchain and you can use them to if you decide but myself I will stick with Coinbase, I have used them both but Coinbase is much easier to work with and I like and use the easy stuff!
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               Jeffrey Meade

Jeffrey's Free CryptoTab
Port Sanilac, MI
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Welcome To Jeffrey's Free CryptoTab

an image   Hello my name is Jeffrey and I am going to tell you a little bit about my site, first of all I never try to sell anything here on this site, this site is for those who are interested in maybe making a great future in getting some Bitcoins and maybe cash in on what could be very big in the stock market.

   Now let me explain why, I will explain with a little story, once upon a time there was a young fellow who spent $1000 on shares of bitcoins, thats 10 bitcoins at $100 a share, everyone in town said he was crazy and that the bitcoin will go nowhere, well I will bet you know what happens next right? You got it, he waited until the bitcoin value went up to $1,000 a share and then he cashed in his 10 bitcoins and now he has $10,000.00 minus his $1000 investment, that is a $9,000 profit! I will bet no one will say anything again to this fellow! Just think if he would of waited until now, the bitcoin has been staying around $8,000 a bitcoin!

   I have created a page that has all of the videos I created for my system, now you can see them all on one page, just click "Video Page" above and you will see the page. To get my system just sign up for my Newsletter!

   Yes, there is a way to get free bitcoins on your mobile phone, I will tell you how and where in our news letters. Just fill in your information up at the top left and you will get all the information you can get right in your email.

   The strategy is very simple, collect as much free bitcoins you can before the bitcoin reeches to a unbelieveable Million Dollars! They say that could happen by 2020, that is only a couple of years, I would get in now if I was you, unless you just do not want to be a Millionaire!

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